This Site is crazy. A book goes from prologue to epilogue — while here one sees the Epilogue first at the top. OK! Because epilogue is prologue&prologue is epilogue. THE HOLD is absolute because it has no boundaries and is THE HOLD of all existences that do have boundaries– like you and me, trees, galaxies, turtles, seas, and chimpanzees. Universes may have boundaries, but THE HOLD, while holding all within their hold of immanence maintains an aura that transcends its holdings: thus, while encompassing all, THE HOLD has I and T reciprocally energized to an absolute HOLD IT! So I can say, poetically, that beyond the Big Bang, and inclusive of it, is THE HIT. Perhaps the equation is something like H=IT2 — where Transcendence squared means THE HOLD HOLDS as an absolute HOLD beyond IT’S existential/immanent HOLDINGS, which equals THE HOLD —  H.( Alas, some will play this with E=mc2. Not much difference.)

Now, this should not be difficult to grab-hold of. Our whole existence occurs within THE HOLD. We’ve names for how we/life/things have a holding patterns, such as — magnetism, gravity, photosynthesis, reciprocillation, breath, 3-D&Quantuum worlds,  etc. We have a life that’s ours to live because of THE HOLD. We began in the hold of the Womb, then the Family, and then the Self in the World. Then to live by the constant coursing of one’s breath in and out of one’s body. So, this is no mysticism or esoteric spiritualism. THE HOLD is as real as a flower’s petals nodding atop a stem grounded in soil and lifted to the sun. Life’s an arrow shot from the hold of the bow. Such tension is energy. Like inhalation — exhalation. In the Quintetion’s breathing sequence, our breath can be held at any of the five instrumental sections. It is the fifth, which is symbolized as the quintessential manifest HOLD out of which shoots the AH-HA of Aspiration-Inspiration-Respiration-Spiritualization (AIRS). The Bow is ever re-pulled/inhaled to THE HOLD.  In physics, the Law of Conservation regarding energy momentums says — “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” That’ll hold ya!

I don’t want this epilogue to be lengthy. I don’t want the concept of THE HOLD lost in too much data, howsoever relevant. Religions and spiritualisms all over the Earth for all time have given their expressions of THE HOLD.  Most interpretations have been very anthropocentric — such a divine-absolute personage creator being humanoid and as God He or Goddess Her. Whatever so called it is the reality of being held in THE HOLD.  I’ve focused on the — from time immemorial — concept of COVENANT, the reality of which experiences/expresses THE HOLD. Prayer, meditation, deep breathing and deep thought have their being in THE HOLD. As each of us lives in THE HOLD all the time, the scientists are seeking to understand how it works. How the 3-D world and the quantum world hold together with such balance and sync. The search for that God Particle Higgs, which holds stuff together, is ever on-going within the concept of THE HOLD. GUT & TOE and ever in process of refinement.

Actually, I’m ever more inclined to think that our self-consciousness got a kick-up from mere organism or animal due to our ability to hold/manage our breath — thus allowing/stimulating thought about that — past-present-future. Just as poignant is the fact that the Universe (APES- All Plenums Everything Synced) is a living existence. Since we and planet Earth are so full of life — this assumption is manifestly correct. Furthermore, to refer to The APES as a Cosmic Diaphragmatic Respiration (CDR) — seems credible . . . at least metaphorically/poetically. I say this as scientists are daily struggling with the concepts/interplay of Dark Energy/Dark Matter and their gravitational give&take that keeps galaxies from flying apart. (I call this gravitational pull the “reciprocillation” of The CDR and the inflationary increase of The APE is part of the dynamic.

So, our Breath of Life is a reflection of the Breath of Life manifest in The APES. Those who read me know that The APE is also the acronym for AutoPoetEssay—APOETESSAY.  And that is what this Epilogue is.The poetic-artistic obligation is to personally wrestle with THE HOLD till it, like the classic holding of Proteus, shows its truest forms and metaphors.  I make no claims to have fathomed the scientific comprehensions and formulae of that other APES. However, THE HOLD, which needs no amalgam or acronymic treatment, is a reality I (and We) comprehend, feel, theorize, and breathe with every moment of our living. Metaphorically-Existentially-Quintessentially, I have found this Planet’s breathing sequence a mirror of the underlying/formative/eternal oscillations of The APES. And let’s not forget MEMORY as perhaps the most&greatest manifestation of THE HOLD in this human dimension of self-consciousness. I surmise, that should we ever encounter other life forms (aliens??), it will be THE HOLD OF BREATH&MEMORY that will bridge the gaps of differences. To understand how the brain does memory is, I think, the key to comprehending THE HOLD OF THE APES. I read of advances in that field almost daily.

So, now I’ve said it plain and clear. All things we do with our hands, our minds, our bodies, our creations come from our seeking the holding patterns-harmonies of our being held in THE HOLD. Structure is the soul of THE HOLD. We can know/behold truth, beauty, justice, and hope because of how things/essences hold together. Love, temples, beauty, horrors, enigmas, family, and economies are all side-by-side in the becoming of what we behold. Presently, I am extending my own thought to ascertain if THE HOLD is more than just a physically dynamic CDR and is — in reality — a CDRC — a Cosmic Diaphragmatic Respiration Consciousness. The complication of that eventuality is the cyclical randomness we see in all we can see and the Goldilocks loneliness of Earth in it all. While THE HOLD has generated all forms of deity/divinity to comprehend it — it has also generated all of thought that sees it not so. My personal sense of purpose, meaning and destiny are all&each contained, informed and aspired in the inhalations-holdings-exhalations of daily living. The global reality of THE HOLD on this Planet Earth is enough for me to find,   behold, and define my being. The covenantal dimensions so earthly manifest are our glory and our responsibility. It is here that we manifest THE HOLD as CARESS. . . or DURESS.

The great phantasmagoria is our phantasmagloria. Like the singer’s holding of a note till it breaks the glass — we sound from THE HOLD our en-choiring breakthroughs of tomorrow. . . forming the  new structures that hold in THE HOLD.  Thus, I stamp my books with TO HAVE AND TO HOLD. And so you now have this APE of the APES. May you now beat your chests for greater breathing and may your swinging through the trees and over the waters hold you safe/secure — that you may find yourself ever free in the Covenantal Hold of being at HOME in THE HOLD. Death is the final home-hold of THE HOLD.

I’ve written much before this and so much more could be said. But, since I’m sure that any human being can comprehend THE HOLD, I’ll let all readers add all their add-tos that add-up to take-hold and hold one in place.  Should any slippage seem to occur, just pause and go grab-hold of your breath as it grabs hold of you. Then, as possible, go caress a loved-one as they caress you. That should do it. THE HOLD WILL TAKE HOLD. You will feel Held. With that, I’ll hold my breath a while. Then the Quintetion.

–mdok — 7/4/19 —