The Daylights

The Daylights

In this casino world of HappenChance & SuddenChoice it’s best to beam one’s SteadyReady on the rolls of ChosenCaprice & ShakenDice — Or fest a WeakenedLight with a TokenVoice.


I came to help you live and thrive; to help you die–to help you ask the questions that answer why. I came to be a portal, a threshold that holds. I came to stir your hair, tear your eye; be a beam of warmth to your brow and the back of your neck. I came to open your senses to the littlest brook’s water fall, the birdsong-dogbark: the birth cry of the new born–  and of you yourself — new birthed at every age. I came to hold your hand, sing in your choir: be a shine

in your countenance. I came because you called. You were loud! Come, let’s walk amongst the flowers. We are a ministry, a musistry, a memory: aspirants of breathe & bequeath as the “be” of “the buzz & the honey” in “the been & the beyond.” Come! Our passage beckons us homeward-bound: our bloom-burst ope’d to the daylight calls at the breaks of dawn.


In time, bottom line, imaginings lose their real.

Our Arion, as ever-a-now, will fall off Arion’s Foreverness

Into the galloping graces of the goodbye gones;

Mortal poetries thrown from immortality’s winged steed:

Love’s Hands released from the flowing mane,

Loosed to the beheld of clouds and tempests of winds

And lightning-bolts ever-sparking knowing’s unknowns

As we snake home with EdenPlanet’s giraffes kneeling,

Geese honking, owls hunting, and our children’s children.

Daily, daylight’s natural light wakes the tally-ride of dawn,

Called afresh by gardenglorias and new verses of universes:

Our lullabies knowing not why night breaks into day,

Or we wake to sing what sings our hands to tune the strings.

Lovingly, we rosin the bow to raise sunbeams in the rain

From the instrument of our life, knowing full the well and how,

In time, this mortal acclaim congeals from immortal alchemies

Into the galloping graces of the goodbye gones.

With reins in hand, each day lights a new song for the ride;

Brooksong arias of memories recrescendoed as cascades

Feeding the great falls flowing to keeps of endless seas.

Immortal Arion, ever our noble companion in imagination,

Having stomped and romped the living daylights out of us –

As we, noble-riders, have signature-spurred our ride in fancy’s hide,

[Though daily many don’t wake] — while Arion’s Stallion of immortality  soars

The KosmosionVoid with Auroras of AngelicAfflatus from some Eternal Dawn.



[“Day O, Day O — Daylight come and I wan’ go home. Come Mister Tally Man, tally me banana–Daylight come and me wan’ go home.” — Banana Boat Song. “Daylight — I must wait for the sunrise…And I mustn’t give in…Tonight will be a memory too–And a new day will begin….”–Memory from Cats  — On his deathbed, Beethoven raised-up and raised his right fist to the lightning-thunder storm. Goethe, on his death bed, finished the statement: “More Light! More Light!”]